bend / dvd2mkv madness

You know you’ve been neglecting your pet project for a while when you try to run it and your system … More

robin hood

I just watched a great flick — The Adventures of Robin Hood, a classic swashbuckling adventure from 1938! Gosh, that’s … More


My server has been going slightly slower than I’d like lately when it comes to serving up HTTP requests. Sometimes … More

mini update: ide woes

My RMA’d notebook harddrive that I was going to use in my Mini-ITX system came in the mail yesterday, and … More

nuvexport, tv, and dvds

I’ve been playing around with nuvexport a bit more, and discovered that you can export to XviD with a two-pass … More

institute visit

I went to Institute the other night with Jared. That was the first time I think I’ve stepped in there … More