almost back to normal

People who don’t know me well wonder why I have issues with such seeminly simple setups, like running a mythtv … More


Man, I’m stoked. :D I spent all weekend repairing my MythTV box (which, btw, I have a lot of issues … More

mythtv woes

I have a bad habit of breaking things on a regular basis. Only at home though. At work, I’m actually … More

the physics of superman

Wired Magazine has a pretty interesting interview with the director of the new Superman movie coming out. The last question … More

malcolm in the middle

There are only a few things in this world worth living for these days, trudging on mindlessly day by day, … More

third time’s the charm

Well, I finally got my little router back online.  I finally tried just reflashing it with the stock Linksys firmware, … More

still no linksys love

I’ve spent all afternoon on my little linksys half-brick, trying to get it up and running.  I have had a … More