new scriptures modules available

I just uploaded fortune-mod-scriptures v1.1.0 to SourceForge. Unlike fortune-mod-mormon, the mod-scriptures package contains only modules from the King James Version … More

Contact Me

My name is Steve Dibb. Hello. :) Email IRC I shamelessly hang out on way too much. Look … More

gentoo, php, and vhosts

Well, I just finished migrating all my webapps on my server to using the ‘vhosts’ flag. Which, really isn’t that … More


A good friend and I were talking about communication and pride for a while today on IM, and I thought … More

mini updates

I got both my new Linksys router this week and my new Mini-ITX system, and have them both working pretty … More

yet another must-have toy

I downloaded a copy of DSL-N last night, per Aaron’s suggestion, and played around with it.  I got it successfully … More