gotta love gentoo

I was listening to some music I was streaming from my box at home to here at work as I setup some stuff, and while I was compiling an upgrade in the background, my Beep Media Player stops randomly. At first I couldnt figure out why, then I remembered that it tends to do that when CPU usage is running high.

So, I goto the BMP webpage to see if there have been any recent bugfix releases. Nope, but someone has forked it to a new project called audacious. That’s cool, let’s go look at that website. Seems like they’ve already put out a few bugfix releases since the fork. Wow, that’s even cooler. Now, let’s *really* push our luck and see if its in portage. Hot crap, it is.

Man, I love Gentoo. :) Those corndogs that make those ebuilds are so on top of things, it’s amazing. I wish I could program that stuff.

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